Life and Choices
Through the Lens of Your Phone Screen

A short piece by Aman Sinha

Let's think of a few numbers in our head

How many hours do you find yourself immersed in the digital realm each day?

Let's think of a few numbers in our head

How about a ballpark figure for a month and a lifetime of social media consumption?

Let's dig deeper and find answers to some of these questions.

With ever-increasing engagement with social media, we also need to realize
We've got a very limited time left with the ones who matter most.

So, next time you get on a social media platform and are all set to get on a reel spree,

Just take a step back and think to yourself, Is this the best you could do with the time you are left with?

Here's a little help on your way,

If you're struggling to set limits for social media usage for yourself or the ones you care about, here are some ways that social media platforms suggest you could set limits

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